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Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

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Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

So I got the card back in March and tried asking for a CLI after heavy speading and PIF for 90 days. I was denied at my 91 day mark due to "One or more of your recent Apple Card payments has failed" which was really annoying because I accidently used my savings account instead of checkings account for a payment and my bank reversed the payment (depsite having funds available) and I continued to get denied for CLI and eventually my utilization started getting a little out of control and my FICO dropped so it's been a struggle..


But after paying down all my balances and getting my utilization under control I finally got instant approval for CLI!



Starting CLI: $1250

New CL: $3250 


Ι was expecting a denial but was shocked to finally be approved!


Some DPs incase anyone is wondering:

  • I was CR at the time of this request was reporting AZEO with the Apple Card just recently updating the $0 balance from December, but my Discover Card was reporting a 90% utilization..
  • TU FICO9 641 (although they didn't pull a score for the approval)
  • Last CLI request (which was denied) was ~30 days prior to this request
  • Averaged about $1500-$2000 of monthly spending on a $1250 limit over the past few months
  • Applied for CLI as soon as I got notification from credit monitoring that GS Apple Card updated balance (they usually report 2-3 weeks after closing statement date)


Good luck to everyone else that's trying to get a CLI (hoping to keep growing with this card!)


Current Stats:

03/2021 EXTUEQ



INQ (24mo)875
INQ (12mo)775
AAoA4y 2mo4y 2mo4y 2mo
AoYA2 mo2 mo2 mo

Personal Revolvers:

Credit Limit$300$2000$1000$1000$1250
Age4y 4mo2 mo1 mo1 moN/A
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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Always a nice shock, congrats!

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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Persistence for the win!  Congratulations!

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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Congratulations on your Apple Card CLI!!  Thanks for the DP's.

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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Congratulations on your Apple Card CLI!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

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Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24 M):  
Banks & CUs:                           Goal Cards:
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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Congratulations on your Apple CLI! Hoping to apply for one for myself soon! Currently at a $2k limit.

My Scores:

Wishlist Cards:
Capital One Venture X
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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Congratulations on your Apple Card account CLI!

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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Congratulations for your Apple Card CLI

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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Excellent CLI, @bicboiOD, and really appreciate the data points! Smiley Very Happy

This is a great example of how heavier spending (1x or more of the current CL) on the Apple card often yields a very high CLI relative to the current limit!

Enjoy and good luck with further growth!





Length of Credit > 39 years; Total Credit Limits $734K
AoOA > 29 years (Jun 1993); AoYA (Oct 2022)
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Re: Apple Card CLI Approval (Finally!!)

Grats on your Apple move up Smiley Happy

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