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Apple Card and Data Points

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Apple Card and Data Points

Approved for the Apple Card!


SL- $8,000

APR- 23.99

TU 696

Hard Pulls- 2


In the last 88 days I got the Amazon Prime Card and an auto loan 38 days ago which obviously dinged up my FICO score. Other history is a foreclosure in 2014 along with student loan late payments during that very bad time in my life. No missed payments in over three years. My highest card is my Discover It at $7,700 so the Apple Card is now my highest limit card  in the portfolio. Total revolving credit is $30,400.

4/18/16 Starting VS3 Scores: EX: 494, EQ: 531, TU: 495
Current FICO8 Scores: EX: 702, EQ: 704, TU: 709
FICO9 EX: 728, TU: 707
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Re: Apple Card and Data Points

CONGRATS  on your Apple Card approval, Thanks for the DPs, and Welcome Aboard the Apple Card EXPRESS !!!

AMEX BCE $8K | AMEX Cash Magnet $15K | Citi DoubleCash WEMC $12.2K | Citi AAdvantage WEMC $14K | Citi Costco VS $12K
Discover IT $19K | OpenSky $300 | BB&T Cash Rewards $4.5K | Synchrony (PayPal Credit $4K, Care Credit $15K, & PayPal 2% MC $10K) |
BBVA Compass Rewards VS $10.5K | Apple Card WEMC $6K | NFCU cashRewards $3K | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $25K
Macy's AMEX $1K | PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS $7,500

TCL - $166.5K+ | Rebuilding since April 2018
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Re: Apple Card and Data Points

Congrats on the approval and good data points!

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Re: Apple Card and Data Points

Congratulations on your approval. Discover saw others gaining on their dominance and decided to pull ahead. Mine is now 9,500 lol. Enjoy your new apple 🍎 Card.
NFCU AMEX Rewards 25,000 NFCU GoRewards 3,000
Capital One Quicksilver 6,300
5/3 Truly Simple 2,300
5/3 Trio 3,200
Barclay Apple1k
Citi Rewards+ 7,600
Citi Double Cash 10,300
Citi Simplicity 2,500
Home Depot 1,000
Discover 10,500
BB&T Rewards 4,500 BB&T Bright Card 4,500 GS Apple 4,500 Chevron 900 Fico 8 Scores EQ=738EX=698 TU=728 Scores and CL current as of 01/10/19 AAoA=2years6minths AoOA=17yrs
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Re: Apple Card and Data Points

Great Job!

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