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Applied for US Bank Cash+ and was approved, but not really

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Applied for US Bank Cash+ and was approved, but not really

I applied for the Cash+ card back in December with a 767 EQ FICO and only 1 inq in the past year. I was sure I would get it, no problem. I called in the next day and indeed, the rep said I had been approved for $8,500. I verified with her that it was the Cash+ and not the Cash Rewards (because I know that if you aren't approved for the Cash+ they will essentially "downgrade" you to the Rewards card) and she said yes it was the Cash+. 


A week later my card arrives and to my disappointment it was the Cash Rewards card. (I thought, how could this be, especially considering the CL they gave me?) I called the backdoor number and they're no help - they just confirm that no, I didn't get approved for the Cash+, I got approved for the Cash Rewards.


Fast forward 26 days later and my Cash Rewards card is sitting in the sock drawer. Is there anything I can do to get this card PC'ed to the Cash+ WITHOUT waiting 6 months? I've heard some people have had success getting it upgraded after 31 days - what were the circumstances in those cases? 

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Re: Applied for US Bank Cash+ and was approved, but not really

at least back when it came out, almost everyone who didn't get approved for the cash+ ended up with a sub 5K line of the flexperks(1 point for every 2 dollars), so there was no amibiguity about what you were getting. Then over the summer they started handing out the Cash Rewards as the alternative and giving people 7K or  8K lines with that instead of getting the Cash+.


And i really don't understand how they decide who gets approved and who doesnt either. I got it with a 696 EQ, and 9 inqs on that file in the last 12 months (only 2 from the last 6 months though and none last 4 months).  I also apped last month(a few days before they removed the online app completely)


They seem to mysteriously, on a whim, upgrade people to the cash+ within a few months sometimes-nobody really knows how they determine it.. It might be usage related. The fact that they've upgraded some people with sub 5K lines without a CLI just adds to the wackiness. I'd recommend reading on Slickdeals and Fatwallet threads they have for this card.

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Re: Applied for US Bank Cash+ and was approved, but not really

Well I better put a few bucks on the card and hope that they'll upgrade me early. It sucks but I have other cards that I can pay bills with for now.

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