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Approval Spree

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Re: Approval Spree

^^^ yes, the QS1 does have an AF.

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Re: Approval Spree

Congrats on the approvals! Definitely a good time to garden as Chase does SP after and they have been known to close accounts.

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Re: Approval Spree

CongratsSmiley Happy. Even 2 weeks doesnt make one safe even with heavy spend. They could sp in a month and not like sprees. They wont bat sn eye at losing a spender, to Chase they are a dime a dozen. Garden party at your cribSmiley Happy You're payingSmiley Happy
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Re: Approval Spree

Yes, time to make a trip to the garden and relax! Since your new, can you bring some snacks! Jk
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Re: Approval Spree

I would stop lol. That’s beyond successful. Congrats on all those prime cards with GREAT SLs!
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Re: Approval Spree

Very nice list, congrats. Start gardening them. Smiley Happy
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