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Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

wow nice, i only got approved for $700 and my score is over 680

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

to find out about this , please help

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

how so I sign up

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

tankie60 wrote:

how so I sign up

To what? Barclay's iTunes? Go to and apply.

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

i have to add to this wonderful thread of Barclays approving people. I would have never even applied if it werent for this thread but after reading it i got enough courage and decided i was going to counter attack my expected denial with a recon and hope for the best. I applied online and got the message that i needed to call in and talk to an associate in order to complete my application process. I called about an hour later on my lunch break and spoke to a wonderful lady who then proceeded to ask me some security questions about my identity. I asked for a credit line of 2000-2500 and she stated that she could only approve me for 1300.00 at this time but i had the option of going directly to the credit analysts for a CL recon. I said ill gladly take the 1300.00 and explained that i had only asked for the 2000-2500 because i didnt want it to report max utility she said she understood and let me know that i could make my apple purchase today online and i should be expecting my card and a welcome packet in 7-10 days!


im not sure which report was pulled yet, ill update it when i know for sure but a little about my credit report - i have a repo thats 5 years old with 0 balance and 1 med collection on EQ that i have disputed to no end. i also have some lates on my student loans with the most recent being 6 months ago but all of my credit card history is perfect and my aaoa is about 11 years. I was also recently just added onto as an AU for a BOA Platinuum signature visa with a cl of 13k but i dont think that influenced Barclays approval today because i dont think its reported yet. Thanks for the thread - great info and approval for me! Also, i think my score ranges are 670 Transunion (true credit) 670 Equifax (fico) 724 FAKO for experian.

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

While they may award a high credit limit you will need to prove your credit worthiness time and time again. When I first received my card I had planned to use the card on a vacation, after a couple of transactions and little of my limit used my card started to be declined, mind you this was while I was on vacation. Thankfully I had other cards and cash I could use while on that vacation. When I called to find out what the reasons for the declines I was told that I was charging too much without having gone through a billing cycle. I paid the card off before it was due but they lowered my credit line by half the amount they had initially awarded.


Over the past three years I have built my credit up and been awarded a very large credit limit, actually more that I really wanted. I have used this card a lot, and most always paid the card off every month, hoping to build my credit rating. However, I have had many instances when my card was declined, usually when I was not shopping locally.


Anytime I traveled I had to make sure I called in advance to pre-authorize charges outside of my location, if I didn't my card would be locked up until I could get thru to someone to verify my purchases, not very convenient and more than frustrating.


Recently I have had a lot of activity on my card due to the fact that my son was getting married and I was helping with his wedding. With so much going on I was two days late paying less than a $100.00 balance, my card was locked up once again and today, getting back from the wedding I opened a letter stating my credit limit had been decreased to $500, my credit line prior to this was $5,000. Note my balance is zero. I was shocked and insulted. I have closed my account for good, and will use other credit sources that are much more dependable.


My advise to you if you decide to use this card would be to always call in advance of travel, pay lots of money in interest charges by not paying your card off every month, never reach the credit limit and avoid using the cash advance feature. You may find this card will help you establish a better credit rating if you are willing be embarrased when your card is declined for no good reason. Always have a backup card or cash when you use this card.




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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

I applied in March and was declined. Don't know my scores then but I'm guessing they were in the low 600s. I applied today and was happy to see an approval of $1300.00. Scores are currently in the mid to high 600s (recent card PIF didn't post to two reports as of the weekend).  I'll have to keep the info above in mind. 

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

Congrats.  they are giving you a chance. Make good use of itSmiley Wink

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

I'm really tempted to apply just because of this thread, but I'm in the garden, and it's only been like 13 days haha D:

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Re: Approved Apple Barclays Card 2500 Credit Line !! ??

I LOVE Barclay's.... good to see them still doing well by others....



I went from a denial to a $6,500 limit Travelocity American Express after a recon call....

my score was 670'ish on TU FICO.


I think the lady gave me such a high limit so that I could transfer all of my balances for that zero percent interest, which is not retroactive in my case. PLUS I have like enough points to equal $150 off anything booked on Travelocity!!



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