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Approved!: PayPal Extras Mastercard

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Re: Approved!: PayPal Extras Mastercard

I apped because of the same email the OP got .

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Re: Approved!: PayPal Extras Mastercard

Simply827 wrote:

I've had the app itch badly over the past couple of days. I though about apping for Chase Freedom and Discover It last night, but talked myself out of it.


Today I got an email telling me I still have a chance to get a 10 second decision on a PayPal MC. The message popped up earlier in the week on my PP account but I didn't pay it any mind. But after I got this email today and saw it was issued by GECRB I said what the hey, go for it. By the way, I was at the bar, but not yet drinking...does that fall under drapping???


I was instantly approved for a 2K limit, which I'm happy about since it's twice my current highest limit. Plus you all say GECRB is good for CLIs. They pulled TU with a 671 score, not sure if FICO or not. I'm closing Credit One this week and this is a good card to replace it with. I'll be redesigning my portfolio over the next few months and getting rid of my rebuilder cards.


What do you all use your points on? What's the best scenario for redemption?

What was your score when you were approved? Any negatives?

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Re: Approved!: PayPal Extras Mastercard

Yeah! I only use it for gas/food when Freedom/IT aren't doing 5% cashback. If you redeeem for gift cards, it's like 3% back. They change the price in points of the goft cards though occassionally. Redemption is extremely easy though!
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Re: Approved!: PayPal Extras Mastercard



They do seem to be fairly good about CLI's with this card.  I had my card with them 3 months and they doubled my limit from $1500 to $3000 and I never carry a balance from month to month.  I have not ever gotten an auto CLI on either my Belk or Walmart with them, but have been given CLI's when I ask for them on both those cards.  I am pretty happy with how they have treated the card so far.

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