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Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!

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Re: Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!

Congrats on the approval after recon! Welcome to AMEX Smiley Happy

College Junior
Starting Score: 724
Current Score: 744
Goal Score: 775

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Re: Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!

Here is some info about me....


Salary:  $75k


Current Credit Scores:

Experian - 628 (1 inquiry in 2018...which was Amex)

Equifax - 628 (2 inquiries in 2018)

Transunion - 622 (4 inquiries in 2018)

3 collections (removed 2 in last 6 mos)


Credit Cards:

Merrick Bank - May 2007, 99% util

C1 Quicksilver - June 2011, 91% util

Kohls - Aug 2017, 40% util

Discover It Secured - May 2016, 0% util

Macys - August 2002, 102% util

BOA Partially Secured - Oct 2017, 0% util

VS - Nov 2016, 35% util

Secured Navy Federal - June 2018, 0% util

Paypal Extra - Feb 2018, 39%util

Sams - June 2010, 100% util

Rooms To Go -  May 2010, 16% util

Fingerhut - Dec 2014, 6% util


A few of the cards are maxed out but since I just starting working again, after being laid off 6 mos....I intend to pay them down as much as possible. 


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Re: Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!


So much for AX never granting recons. Lol 

AX Hilton Aspire 20k, AX Bonvoy Brilliant 15k, AX BCP 2k, AX Blue Bus Cash 15k, AX Delta Air Platinum 49k, (AU) AX Delta Gold 15k, AX Amazon Prime Bus 25k, BC Uber 29k, AKUSA FCU -10k , CITI AAdvantage Exec World Elite MC 16.5k, Discover (2) 16k, Kohls-4k, VS Comenity $3k, BofA AK Air Siggy 9.8k, WF Propel AX 5k, JCP $10k PFCU Plat Rewards Siggy 39.5k, PFCU Power Cash Rewards AX 10.5k, NFCU Flagship 50k, CLOC 15k, CITI Costco 9.5k, GAP VISA Synchrony $9k,Target MC 9k, Ulta MC Comenity 9k, Pay Pal 1k, CO Venture One 23k, US Bank Radisson Rewards Signature 10k, US Bank Fred Meyers World MC, 11k, US Bank Plat VISA 15.7k, VS Comenity 2k, 240k total available credit. Utiliz-2%, Current FICO EQ-724, EX 763,TU 802 ,Chapt 7 BK D/C 11-2012. Starting scores 520-550
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Re: Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!

@caramel25 wrote:

So I am in the process of getting my credit "back on track" and it is very inspiring to read all of the info on this forum. You have been such a positive influence with my "credit repair" from Debt Validition letters to raising my credit score. Last night as I was reading some posts, I saw some threads regarding Amex pre-qualify offers. I decided to take the plunge to see if I would qualify. I received 1 offer for the Gold Delta Skymiles. I was excited to see this offer because this is the first "pre-qualify" offer that I have ever received from Amex. After submitting my info, they asked me some additional questions about my assets and then I was denied because of the following reason: 


"The amount of your annual income and/or financial assets known to us is insufficient in relation to the credit you've applied for and your overall debt obligations as reflected in our records and on your credit report."


So I started reading threads regarding Amex recon and the majority said that it was "rare" for Amex to reverse their decision.  Today, I called Amex and I had my speech prepared and the rep was able to find my denied application. He told me no worries, he would take care of it. He then read me a disclosure and he asked me what was my salary and the value of my financial assets. Before I could answer, he told me that I could also include my spouse's income (if I was over 21) if I "benefited" from it as well. This seemed weird to me because I thought you could only do this on joint applications and not individual applications. He kept stressing that to me and I thought, is he trying to tell me something? Anyway, after giving him the "revised" figures, he told me he had some exciting news for me..... I was approved! I couldn't believe it! I was doing the happy dance while I was driving. I also get 35,000 after spending $1,000 in 3 mos. I have always wanted an AMEX and I finally got it.


I wanted to thank this forum for helping me get my first Amex.......Smiley Very Happy

Super Congrats on your Amex Delta Gold recon approval! Smiley Very Happy


Yes, the Amex recon representative was "trying to tell you something."

You were smart enough to listen and to "revise" your income . Good for you! Smiley Very Happy


Since you've been reading the forum, no doubt you've also learned

about the Amex "2 for 1", which is 1 revolving card (your Amex Delta)

plus 1 charge card (like Amex Green or PRG) on the same hard pull

within 30 days. If you're interested in a charge card, this option might

be worth your while.


One last Amex point: forum members like you who've been approved

for Amex have reported approvals for 2 Amex revolvers and 1 charge

card within 90 days. I'd recommend waiting at least 2 statement cycles

to give yourself some time to reduce the utilization on your high balance

cards (and boost your scores). But I wanted to share this just in case.


Congrats once again on your Amex success. Thanks for sharing! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Approved for AMEX Delta Gold after Denial!!

Congrats on your approval! Look into the 2 for 1 deal as the post above.

Scores - All bureaus 756 +
TCL - Est. $275K
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