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Approved for AMEX PRG


Approved for AMEX PRG

Hello all!

After countless tries and denials. I have finally been approved for my own AMEX PRG! It is the regular 2K spend for 25K MR offer. For the life of me I couldn't find the 50K offer. I have applied for about 7 times in the past 12 months for any AMEX. All been denied. Got a notification that my Experian jumped up to 677 today and figured what the heck. Originally got the 14 day message. Called up and had to verify it was me and boom. Lady said I have some news to make you very happy... You've been approved! I was ecstatic! Finally my own AMEX! Have been AU on my wife's but this is my own!

Also figured I applied for the EDP and try to get the combo. But I was denied. Was that app a 2nd HP or did they go off the PRG pull?

Thanks to all of you guys on this forum! Wouldn't have done it with out you guys!
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Re: Approved for AMEX PRG

Congratulations. .  Should be same pull as PRG.. 

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Re: Approved for AMEX PRG

Congrats on your approval! Enjoy your new card. My PRG is my favorite card Smiley Happy
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