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Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

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Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

I'll try to keep this brief.  I was at 0/24 when submitting apps, but have received 3 business cards in the last year, two from Chase but they do not count against the dreaded 5/24 so all good there.  I have two other Chase cards, Hyatt at 6k and IHG at 3k.


Applied for Marriott 120k offer first, instant approved for 5k.  Awesome.  Applied for CSP in my ready to go second browser.  30 day message, which a few hours later is a 2 week message.  I waited for three days and gave up and called as it was still on two week and while that is supposed to be good and mean approved I was impatient. 


After talking eventually they say they need me to reduce my credit exposure with Chase before they can approve me.  What? I have a massive 14k total exposure and that is no where near 50% of my income!  Eventaully he says the business cards count in my overall exposure and I could reduce there as my other cards were already as low as they could go for the most part and I needed to free 5k.  Get transfered to someone else to reduce my lines, and then he can approve.  Have 25k in the two business cards, reduce that to 12k total, freeing up 13k. 


Call back and they will still not approve me, don't care what the first guy said, does not matter and I need to reduce my consumer cards only or they cannot approve me.  I am unhappy but try hard to be nice while telling them they are nuts lol.  Eventually she says she can override the Hyatt minimum and move it to 1k, freeing 5k up for CSP.  Fine, I'm over them and just want off the phone after well over an hour of this.


So in the end I got approved for both, with a whole 14k total Chase consumer exposure over 4 seperate cards now!  Sigh.  26k over all Chase cards, and is not close to the supposed 50% of income they will offer in credit.  Meanwhile Discover is like here, have 31k on one card and enjoy. I have decided I dislike Chase. At least my pulls combined it appears as I wanted so only one HP.  And I did get the cards at least!   I'm now 13k lower overall available credit too, though it was on the business side and will not hurt my utilization or anything.  The next Chase app better be insta approved or I will be highly annoyed!

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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Congrats on approvals but sounds like too much Chasing for my liking. One shouldnt have to bend over over backwards to get an approval, you should either be qualified for the card or not . JmhoSmiley Wink
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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Agreed, I want the hotel benifits and keeping my points from expiring hence the three hotel cards, the two INK cards I'll keep, CSP was just for the bonus really and I'll close it next year.  Closing my AmEx PRG in a few days before annual fee and will use CSP for that wallet spot for this first year.



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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Congrats on the approvals but couple points.  Business cards absolutely count towards your total exposure with Chase and every other creditor.  Also, not sure where you get this 50% of income for the credit that Chase will grant.  That is a very high number and the amount they'll extend to any individual is based on their overall credit profile and not some set percentage.  Most creditors however won't give you 50% of your income in credit card limits as it normally is maxed lower than that.

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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)


Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Good thing  is you can park some URs over at Marriott.  Enjoy.  

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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

WOOHOO! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S . Happy 2018 and remember to charge wisely!
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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Congrats. Very nice pick ups. Great Marriot bonus offer too.

I’d probably not apply to Chase for a good, long while given the amount of trouble they gave you with this double-app process.

It seems they're getting tighter and more restrictive these days especially with multiple applications in a short period of time.

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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Congrats on the approval! I suppose YMMV when it comes to any creditor, Chase has treated me extremely well while others have declined me. 

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Re: Approved for CSP and Marriott. (fought for it though!)

Congrats.. A lot of needless work for an approval tho...   

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