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Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

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Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Logged into Chase to pay my FU when I saw red message light which usually is for offers for a checking account, investment account, etc.  To my surprise when I opened it, the green checkmark was a preapproval for the CSP.  This card has been on my radar, but since I was way over 5/24, I never attempted to apply.  However, with the preapproval, I jumped on it, not thinking.  I received the "we will get back if we need more info."  First of all, credit was frozen.  So when I was notified that Chase had attempted to pull TU, I thawed it and contacted the Chase number for application status.  When I explained what had happened, the csr transferred my to the uw.  She pulled TU and put me on hold.  She came back with an approval of $11,900.  I was amazed.  

Secondly, the "but" is that I had been approved for 2 other cards in the past two months that have not reported.  Last week, I was approved for the TD Ameritrade Visa with a hp on EX which had not reported.  I also was approved for the AMEX Delta Platinum two months ago which was a sp and not yet reported.  I realize that AA is dependent on YMMV, however, not sure if Chase will take action in closing my 2 cards with them.  I just need to wait and see.  

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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Grats on the CSP and if your Ficos are current in your siggy, utilization is low on what you have now highly doubt you will see AA.
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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Congrats on your LOL/24 ApprovalSmiley Happy


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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Congratulations on you approval!!! 

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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Garden since August 2019? Now, was this before or after the CSP application? 😂🤣😆.


Just joking and having some fun with you. 


Oh, and congratulations on the approval and nice SL. 

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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Congrats on the SL and approval!!

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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Lol, 24 hours /24 days shall be your penance for tempting the 5/24 GodsSmiley Wink

These are what you must wait with teeth clenched, nails bitten, and upset stomach before you can truely enjoy your newest cards. Thats Chase for yaSmiley Happy
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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......

Congrats to you, I am GREEN with envy. I hope my app goes as well as yours. Note to self, unfreeze CRs before making app.

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Re: Approved for CSP with LOL/24, but......


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