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Approved for Discover

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Approved for Discover

Had to post I was just approved for a Discover it card!!!! I had tried 3 times before and was declined. I have really worked hard on my credit this year and it really paid off.  I brought a new car and was able to get no money down financing (caution!! Didn't know they would send my app to 8 banks with 8 hps).  But back to the joy I decided to apply for Discover even though the pre-approval said secured and I was approved 800 cl.  It's not much but it's a start!!! Super hyped!!!!!!  New goal 700s across board and Chase here I come......


Equ 653

Tu .  674

Ex.   644

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Re: Approved for Discover

Awesome! Did you get intro APR period and cashback match?

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Re: Approved for Discover

I got the 5% cash back match not sure what APR 

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Re: Approved for Discover


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Re: Approved for Discover


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FICO 9 Scores EQ 726 / Goal 750, EX 683 / Goal 750, TU 726 / Goal 750
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Re: Approved for Discover

Congrats Welcome to Discover

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