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Approved for Ebates Visa card

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Approved for Ebates Visa card

I apply for ebates visa online and receive the 7-10 days message. 

Yesterday I receive a letter ask me to call for verification. I called and the lady check my information and said that I have been approved for Sl 2000 and I will receive the card in 7-10 days . 

But I did not receive any e-mail said that I was approved and also the card do appear in my ebates account . 

Is that normal ? Or they declined the application after the call? 





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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card



ID Verification takes some of the automation out of the process.


Give it a couple of days to generate the Card in their system and check ebates later.  I have a Sam's card but, that has a seperate login page outside of Sam's.  


In a few days it will probably pop-up on your CR's and you'll get alerts for that confirming the new account exists.

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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card

Grats on the approval and if they said it was approved its 99.99% coming your way. It should appear on your CRs within 24 hours of them creating an account number, their emails are typically several days behind the approval.

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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card

Congratulations! and be advised, your Ebates Visa can grow to 20K easy in due time so stay on top of after your 4th statement cuts every round. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card

CongratsSmiley Happy We dont see too many approvals for this anymore.
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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Ebates Visa card Approval and the Very Nice SL!!!

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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card

I assume you’re good. When I got my Citi DC, I got no email or notifications whatsoever. Congrats!!
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Re: Approved for Ebates Visa card

Congrats on your Ebates

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