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Approved for PNC Rewards

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Approved for PNC Rewards

So, I went in to my local PNC to refinance my couple month old truck I have with them. They'e been offering me a better rate each time I come into pay, but I've been waiting to have a baddie drop from two of my reports. So Thursday I pulled the trigger. I asked if I npped for their visa if it was on the same hard pull. The answer was yes. So... I said why not. Instantly approved for $10k with 0% BT for 12 months. Still waiting on my refi to go through.


Data points Equifax I will not talk about them.... Tranunion Fico 8 680 Experian 686.  Considering I started rebuilding four years ago in the 490s and should have declared bankruptcy and dug myself out I'm pretty happy.


Now waiting  on the refi at 2.49% on my 17 Ram Limited 1500 from 5.6%. 

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Re: Approved for PNC Rewards

Congrats! Nice job!

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Re: Approved for PNC Rewards

Really Nice approval there with the PNC Rewards card.


Plus best of luck for you on that new refi interest rate too. Hope you get it.


Big Congrats! Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved for PNC Rewards

Nice jobSmiley Happy
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