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Approved for QS1 and QS! Combine?

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Approved for QS1 and QS! Combine?



I was approved for QS1 earlier today with a $1k limit and just found out I was eligible to PC my Platinum (unsecured) to QS with the same CL of $500.  Both offer rewards however thw QS1 has that pesky AF. Should I call Cap1 and have the cards combined? Should I keep the both? Thanks


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Re: Approved for QS1 and QS! Combine?

I would try for CLI on both, then combine into qs

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Re: Approved for QS1 and QS! Combine?

People combine to get rid of the AF.  Remember, the card you want to merge FROM has to be over 6 months old AND with a $0 balance on it.  The card transfering TO can have a balance.


You can do this yourself online actually, no need to call.  It's under account services.

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Re: Approved for QS1 and QS! Combine?

Thanks for your feedback. The FROM account is the Platinum (now QS) which was opened last fall. It has a $4 balance on it currently so I can pay it off and have cap 1 combined both. As for cli, I got my first one at the 6th month mark and I thought I had to wait 6 months before applying for CLI? New the QS1 was opened today so no need to ask for a cli on that since I'm satisfied with that CL. 

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