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Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

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Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Hi everyone, Smiley Happy

Instant approval for $15,000,

Pulled EQ,

In Wash State, 

Rate19.99%, ( i am fine since i dont carry balances)


Lots of good perks with this card.  Glad they pulled EQ cause it only had 3 inquiries (now 4).  I will use this card a lot.  


I opened a checking account with Wells Fargo summer of 2021 for the bonus, decided to keep it as my main account, and dumped US Bank checking and closed the USB Cash+ Visa (argument with Customer Service) long story.   Anyways I wanted a visa card in my wallet.   


Data Points:

EX - 796 / 6 inquiries 

EQ - 806 / 4 inquiries

TU - 794 / 3 Inquiries


Credit Cards:

Citi DC - $17k

Citi CC - $17k

Amex BCE - $22k (PC from BCP to BCE)

Discover IT - $14k

Wells Fargo Active Cash - $15k


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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Congrats on the WF active cash approval, and nice starting CL !  

Hopefully you won't have any customer service issues with them Smiley Wink

March2010 FICO® ~ 695 TU, 653 EQ, 697 EX
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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k


I've been banking with WF for years (without any of the problems others have reported) and recently got the Active Cash. It's become my go-to card for "everthing else" that I don't get a higher percentage on from some other card. Only thing I dislike about it is that you can only get your rewards in $25 increments, so if you have 10 or 15 or 20 dollars left over, it'll have to sit there until you get more next month. (A minor gripe, but still a gripe.)

Starting Score: EQ8 680, TU8 713, EX8 701
Current Score: EQ8 769, TU8 756, EX8 771 as of Mar 24
Goal Score: EQ8 780, TU8 780, EX8 780

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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k


1/8/17 Discover $18300 CL- $1k SL- AU, no longer on reports b/c of error (wife's card)
1/26/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $35k CL (wife's card)
2/19/20 BB&T/Truist Rewards $11k SL- impulse application
2/22/20 Citi Double Cash WEMC $17,400 CL, $2900 SL- AU- (wife's card)
3/8/20 Wells Fargo Propel AmEx $5000 CL (AU, wife's card, not on CR b/c I was temporarily removed as an AU)
3/9/20 BB&T/Truist Rewards $11k SL- AU, not on reports- impulse app (wife's card)
3/21/20 REDcard MasterCard (TD Bank) $2500 SL, $6000 CL
11/24/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL, CLI after 36hr to $20k- $35k CL
6/10/21 SoFi World Elite MC (TBOM) $7000 SL
1/19/22 AppleCard/GS $10k CL, SL $6k SL AU, wife
8/15/22 Chase freedom $10.3k wife (not an AU yet)

Credit Scores for both of us around 800, depending on what you pull & balances. All PIF, frequently before statement close
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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Grats on your Active Cash approval Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Wow,  congrats on the approval and  awesome starting limit!

BK13 to BK7 conversion 7/16/2021
341 mtg 8/11/2021
BK7 discharge 10/13/2021

I have a plan and so far it’s going as planned
Approvals since discharge:
Cap1 Auto 10.99%
Cap1 Platinum SL 2000/current 2300
Cap1 Walmart SL 1000/current 1500
Petal2 SL 4500
PayPal Credit SL 2000
CFNA Ted Wiens SL 1800/current 2800
Apple MC SL 500
Sinclair Gas Card SL 550
DiscoverIT SL 2000
CCCU Auto refi 5.04%
CCCU Platinum Rewards SL 500
All cards zero except two
I never pay interest- always pay in full
I use one card for a few months running it up to 30% then bringing it back down to zero then move on to the next card. Starting scores in 10/2021 were non existent as no scores could be found since I had been in Ch13 for several years and had no active credit accounts. Todays scores:
EX Fico8- 675
TU Vantage 3.0- 686
EQ Vantage 3.0- 696
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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Congrats on your new card!!!

Goal Cards:
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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Congratulations on your Wells Fargo Active Cash approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:  
Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24):  
Banks & CUs:

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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

Congratulations on the Wells Fargo Active Cash approval!

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Re: Approved for Wells Fargo Active Cash $15k

I'm 4/12 for new accounts & didn't get preselected for the WF Active Cash or Reflect but CK said I have fair chance. EQ is 1/12 for inquiries (applied for Penfed card yesterday). Is WF sensitive about new accounts & inquiries. I know CK is marketing but I've gotten approved in the past for the cards they suggested.

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