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Approved for my dream card, FIRMLY in the garden now!

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Re: Approved for my dream card, FIRMLY in the garden now!

Congrats.  You'll love the card. 

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Re: Approved for my dream card, FIRMLY in the garden now!

NewSurrender wrote:


When I started building my credit a year and a half ago, the BCE/BCP was the card I wanted the most. It's not metal or extremely flashy, but I think it looks nice and you can't beat 6% cashback on the majority of my purchases. I was initially denied for the card, so I applied for the Zync. Denied 3 times after getting a Zync, and after having the Zync for 11 months I was finally approved.

Very surprised I was approved as each credit bureau has 20+ inquiries. Granted, half of those inquiries are from shopping for an auto loan, but I went on an app spree in November 2012 and opened up about 8 new accounts. I used my Zync a decent amount; about $5k in 11 months. Not much spend, but that's 1/5th of my annual income, so they should be happy. Scores at the time of being approved were probably around 730, will find out when I get my paperwork. Ironic thing is, I was previously denied in November with 750+ scores. Go figure.


Really happy about this. 6% cash back on groceries and I can buy Walmart, gas station, and Amazon gift cards at my local grocery store, which means I'm effectively getting 6% cash back on the majority of my spending. I doubt I'll spend enough to hit the 6% cap, and even if I do, I have a Freedom and Discover IT which can be used for 5% to delay me hitting the cap. Getting married in a year, so my fiancee will be added to the card to maximize cash back.


Can't wait to get the card in the mail!


EDIT:Is there an annual fee for additional card members? The website isn't very clear, but I think it was telling me there isn't. If so, that's weird, as I pay $15/year for my sister to be added to my Zync account. I figure the BCP would have an even higher additional card member fee.



I'll be taking the plunge for that card in January!

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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