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Approved w/ USAA, PenFed; Denied NFCU; Chase Double-Pull CLI Denial

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Approved w/ USAA, PenFed; Denied NFCU; Chase Double-Pull CLI Denial

I recently paid off some balances and Fair Isaac showed me some love, sending my TU and EX up to 750+ and EQ up to 737. I took the opportunity to app for some cards I'd been wanting and to request some CLIs. I'm happy with the results.


Most inquiries within the past 12 months. Very few in the past 6 months.

EX 752 60+ inquiries

EQ 737 70+ inquiries

TU 757 30+ inquiries

3% revolving utilization


Penfed Cash Rewards: $8,500

Penfed PLOC: Denied

Barclays Apple Rewards: $1,500 -> $10,000 (Just under one year old; used and PIF first month only)

MECU Platinum: $5,000 -> $10,000

NFCU: Denied membership for old unpaid chargeoff from when I initially joined as a teenager. Offered to pay the collection company, but the representative could not guarantee that would allow me back in.

Chase Freedom: Denied CLI with double-pull to EQ and EX. Thinking about combining my Marriott card into the Freedom.

TJ Maxx: Closed $3,500


  1. Approved for USAA Rate Advantage: $500 @ 11.15% (?!?!)
  2. Approved for USAA NAMF Military Affiliate AMEX $15,000
  3. Closed USAA Classic/Platinum $1,500 (ineligible for increases)
  4. Closed USAA Rate Advantage: $500
  5. Closed USAA Reward AMEX: $3,000 (reducing number of cards with USAA)
  6. Closed USAA Secured AMEX (reducing number of cards with USAA)
  7. USAA Rewards VISA: $5,000 -> $17,000 (About 9 months old)

I'm pretty excited about these results. I have been a member with Penfed since I was a teenager but have not been able to get any credit products. Thanks everyone for your contributions to this community! I wouldn't be seeing this kind of success without you.

Mar 2017: EQ 733 80 INQ | TU 768 42 INQ | EX 755 80 INQ || AMEX PRG | AMEX BGR | USAA Rewards VS $17K | USAA NAMF AMEX $15K | SECU Visa $10K | Cap1 V1 (AU) $45.75K | AMEX BCE (AU) $10K | Marvel MC $25K | Walmart MC $10K | Freedom $12.2K | USAA Cash Rewards VS $18K | Walmart SC $25K | PENFED CR $9K | AMEX EDP $24K | Banana Republic SC $10K | MECU $10K | Amazon SC $25K | Barclays Apple Rewards $10K | J. Crew $13.6K | Cap1 PlayStation $3K | Cap1 QS1 $2.6K | Business: AMEX Green NPSL | AMEX SimplyCash $2K | AMEX Blue for Business $3K | Cap1 Spark Visa $7.5K | Amazon Rev. $2.5K | Amazon PIF (No PG) $1K | Walmart (No PG) $2.5K | Chase Marriott Business $30K | Chase Ink $14K
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Re: Approved w/ USAA, PenFed; Denied NFCU; Chase Double-Pull CLI Denial

Major Congrats!!!  I Heart me some USAA too!!!  Smiley Happy

USAA Rate Advantage Visa 17.5% 7K|USAA AMEX Rewards+ 5K|USAA Prefered Rewards Visa 4.5K|USAA Classic Visa 2.5K|USAA Classic AMEX 2.5K|USAA Classic MC 2K|CaptialOne QS1 4.5K|Capial One QS Visa 1K|AMEX-EDC 1K|BofA Rewards VISA 10K| BarclayCard Rewards 4K|Barclaycard Choice Rewards Visa 1.4K|Walmart Store Card 6K|Amazon Store Card 4K|Sam's Club 10K|Meriick Visa 1.2K|OverStock 2K|Hilton-AMEX 5K|AMEX BCE 16K|PENFED PRVS 9K|AMEX PRG NSPL|FICOs: EQ 688 EXP 679 TU 685
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