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Re: Approved!

What are the fee's? Is it just an annual fee, or are there monthly fees as well? Nevermind, I found the fees...ouch that is horrible. Did you make a post before apping? We probably could have found you something better. Be sure to cancel before you get hit with another AF, plus the monthly fees.


The Matrix card makes sure to celebrate your anniversary as a cardholder with a mess of fees you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. As soon as the 12-month CARD Act protection expires, these fees are immediately effective:

  • Monthly maintenance fee of $12 per month (on top of your annual fee)
  • Cash advance fees of $5 or 5% of each transaction
  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • $25 late payment fee each billing cycle, turning into $35 if you’ve missed 6 cycles
  • $35 returned payment fee
  • Credit limit increase fee of $30 for every $100 increase
  • $30 one-time fee per additional user on the card
  • $4.95/month fee for paper statements (online banking is free, but make sure to manually opt out of paper statements to avoid fees)


A secured rewards card is always a better option. Why pay fees when you can secure the funds and earn interest on the money instead of paying it to a bank to never get it back.

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