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Auo-luv from Discover It Chrome Student (after denial)

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Auo-luv from Discover It Chrome Student (after denial)

Received my first auto-luv CLI +$1,000...1 day after luv-button denial. 


Do you think I have a chance to DD via luv button or a phone call...if I was already denied yesterday before receiving auto-luv today?


Some data points:   

Student Discover it Chrome 

5/12/17 — Online approval for $1,000 SL — *student verification sent instantly, immediate approval

8/22/17 (>3rd stmt.) -- +500, CL $1,500, (luv button); Bal. $0

9/26/17 (>4th stmt.) -- +500, CL $2,000, (luv button); Bal. $0

12/13/17 (>7th stmt.) -- +1,100, CL $3,100, (luv button); Bal. $20

6/30/18 (>13th stmt.) -- +1,000, CL $4,100, (auto-luv, 1d after denial); Bal. $2,596 (use: $0, paid: $500)


*Prior to Christmas--Used + [mostly] PIF b4 stmt cut. Util. & bal. kept btwn. 0-15% when CLI's were approved. 

*Denials >10th and >12th stmts; "not enough experience with existing credit line...". But likely due to high balance, low use since Jan. 

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Re: Auo-luv from Discover It Chrome Student (after denial)

M8 call in and say you would like to double dip


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