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Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

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Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Hello Everyone!


I have been using this forum to help rebuild my credit.  My current FICO8 scores received through my discover card and USAA are TU - 700 EX - 696. Current baddies: 2 - 90 day lates (from 2014) on a student loan and 1 collection account that updates monthly for $266.  I have 4 CCs total, with a combined utilization currently at 56% (working on paying this down from 98% since Dec 2018).  Today I received a letter in the mail that Wells Fargo increased my CL from 1200 to 2800.  I logged in to check and it was true! It still is my smallest card but I am super excited.  I am working towards getting a home this summer and didn't want to risk a HP trying to increase this card.  This letter was a nice surprise. Thank you everyone in this forum for getting me this far!!

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo


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CONGRATULATIONS on your 2x PLUS auto CLI, Thanks for the DPs, and Welcome to the FORUMS!!! 

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Congratulations on your auto CLI!

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Congrats on your rare auto luv CLI !!!!



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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo



How long did it take from the time you opened your WF card for them to give you some MO MONEY? 


Asking because I have a Propel that I opened in Dec. Thanks! Congratulations again!

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

I have been a customer with Wells Fargo since 2003, 1 credit line increase granted in 2008 from 500 to 1200, then never again.  I have requested 2x before and denied.  In 2011 I was very upset they weren't showing any love,  I went ahead and closed all my banking accounts with them and started banking with USAA.  The only reason I haven't closed this card is that it is my oldest credit card, has a great APR rate, and I don't want to mess with my AAoA. 


Good Luck with your card!

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Does Wells counter-offer for requested CLI?
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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Congrats on the CLI! Good for you for sticking it out with them. Keep on that luv button for the future!

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Re: Auto CLI with Wells Fargo

Your work is paying off.  Congrats!  Keep it going!

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