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Avant Credit Card

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Avant Credit Card

I just wanted to post an approval here for Avant Credit Card (that is intended to help people repair their credit). I was pre-qualified for $1,000 credit limit at 25.99% and completed the application and was approved. Their pre-qualification seems right on. They pulled Transunion (which I had froze) and they still approved me even though they didn't technically get to do a hard pull. I had previously applied for a personal loan with them so it's possible the time from that pull to now was short enough that they used my previous score.


Anyways, my score for Transunion is 656 and they gave me $1,000 limit.

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Re: Avant Credit Card

Congrats on your approval

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Re: Avant Credit Card



Was the AF $29?




FICO 08 scores listed and are stagnated until multiple derogatory items expire in a few years.
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Re: Avant Credit Card

Grats on your new card Smiley Happy
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Re: Avant Credit Card


keep on plugging away and you will rebuild in no time!

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Re: Avant Credit Card

Nice approval congrats!!

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Re: Avant Credit Card

Congrats! Smiley Wink

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