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Avianca Vuela Visa

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Re: Avianca Vuela Visa

@woodyman100 wrote:

@12njoy wrote:

@woodyman100 wrote:

@12njoy ! How have you been my friend!

I haven't been on much either.
You are doing better than I am on the apping.

I've toned it way down, but I still have guilty months.

Congrats on the new Vuela!


@woodyman100 Thanks.  I'm good.  I hope all is well with you.  I've only not really app'd because its slim pickings for me.  I was getting denial after denial.  I've picked up just a few cards within the last year (Apple card, Uber Visa, BB&T and now this one).  I must say getting the "you're approved" still feels pretty good.  Almost as it didn with the very first one. I found out yesteday that I met the eligibility for PSLF so I'm looking forward to that $165,000 debt coming off my credit report.  I'll test the waters once this anchor weight is gone.  I still want to try to get that US Bank Altitude (probably a late 2021 goal now) and PNC Bank which has alluded me all these years. 

I'm going to try the PNC business route next week I think.

Right now I have several Credit Unions cooking for CC apps next year.  Was getting denials as well so I had to get more strategic.

I refinanced my house last month and had to write 34 letters of explanationSmiley Very Happy

That was an experience!

Wow 34 letters of explanation.  I can't even imagine.  I'm at a standstill again.  I was thinking of going for another Barclays card, but after being rebirthed with them just 5 months ago, I better sit tight.  They'll CLD me again and I'll close it up again Smiley Happy No more prospects at the moment for me.  It's a shame because my scores are all up and low inq's but nothing to do with this good fortune.  I finally got control of my EQ report again.  It has taken a beating this last year and now I can stop the bleeding.  Even with 14 inq's in the last 2 years, my EQ FICO is still 742.  The stars are just not aligned for me right now Smiley Wink

Profile Worth 1.2M+ (Just 1 store only card/PayPal Credit @5.5k)
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