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Awesome chase freedom thin file signature success story

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Awesome chase freedom thin file signature success story

So I been helping my parent build her credit profile over the last couple of months. About two weeks ago I helped her check the chase website and she showed approved for the freedom card, I helped her fill the application and submitted which came back 7-14 days. Two weeks later she got a denial later citing thin profile and too many recent inquiries which came from PenFed and her recent acquisition of a vehicle. Defeated she let it go saying she would build up her profile for two years so chase would give her an opportunity, she didn't have to wait she got a letter with a signature freedom card and a 6k credit line to go along with it! Her other card is the promise from PenFed with a 1k limit. I think having her authorized on my sapphire preferred card helped her out and underwriting overturned their decision without her calling in to reconsider. So there is hope with chase also the letter stated a lot of recent applications so they obviously can over look those for vehicles. Just thought I'd share her success!
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Re: Awesome chase freedom thin file signature success story

That is a great story. Congrats to her for the approval.

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