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BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards Approval

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BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards Approval

Got approved back in May for the Spectrum Rewards card with a $3,500 SL. This one was 3% unlimited for the first three months and 1% unlimited after. Since then they've come out with the Spectrum Cash Rewards card which has 3% on gas and 2% on groceries plus a 10% bonus when you redeem rewards into a BB&T checking or savings. Naturally I got jealous Smiley Happy. I have many accounts opened in the past 12 months (12) and many inquiries (21/12) but I said what the hey, if I don't get approved then BB&T will just go into the sock drawer. Utilization at 12% on 54k available credit. Got a 2-3 day message saying they'd get back to me. Got the approval message this morning, with a SL of $2,500. They pulled EQ which is at 697 FICO per my TIAA Cash Rewards card account.


I was also informed that they don't combine two limits into one card which is annoying. Now I have a card with $3,500 that I won't use unless it's an emergency.

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Re: BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards Approval

Congrats on the approval! Kind of sucks they won't combine the 2 cards. Are you able to PC the other card? Not sure but maybe they have a minimum time (1 year?) that you have to wait before you are able to PC? Maybe some of the more experienced BB&T card owners can provide some insight.

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