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BBVA Approval


BBVA Approval

I received a letter with an inviation to apply last week. I live in TN and have never seen anything about BBVA here locally but after reading reviews on here I thought I would give it a try and apply. Just like so many on here I got the your file is in review pop up. Thought no way that I would get anything after the non instant approval. The next morning about 2:40am I got an email said congrats and welcome to BBVA. There was not a notice of SL so I decided to wait for the surprise and boom it came today. SL of $5000. 


Anyone know how the cli works with them. Can not find any link on the website to even ask for one now.  

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Re: BBVA Approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: BBVA Approval


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Re: BBVA Approval

Congrats on your BBVA approval!

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Re: BBVA Approval

Congrats on your approval.




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Re: BBVA Approval

CONGRATS on your BBVA approval and Welcome to the BBVA family!


CLIs are HPs and you have to call Customer Service to request a CLI.  However, I did receive an AUTO CLI after my 7th statement was cut.

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Re: BBVA Approval

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Re: BBVA Approval

GratsSmiley Happy
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