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BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

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BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Edit: Maybe I am being a bit too negative about this - this is the fifth card I have been approved for this year if you count the Amex that I canceled as soon as they showed me my limit that reported 2 months anyway so in all actuality, it’s impressive they approved me. I am just grumpy because of their site issues 😂 


Just adding this for DP purposes - I’m not exactly thrilled with how everything went with this card app (low SL, website crashed when it was showing me my terms, website crashed again when I tried to make my account, high APR) but DPs are DPs and there aren’t many on BBVA here that are recent. 


2K SL, 0% for 13, 21.24% ongoing, EX HP


Pre-approval offer code sent in the mail with an APR range of 13.24-31.24%


18K income

670 EX

Ch 7 8/2010

Repo 9/2012 (paid 6/2014)

Student loans 90 days late in 2012 (2 - paid in full 6/2014)

$65 unpaid med collection 10/2015

AAoA 1y4m

4 new cards in the last 12 months - 3 in March (including the Amex I immediately canceled which reported 2 months anyway), 1 in September - 5 cards total (this makes 5)

1 EX inquiry. 


I will keep it but I doubt I’ll put $1500 spend on such a low SL card for the $100 SUB. Maybe it will grow and maybe they’ll drop the interest as the relationship grows. Time will tell. 

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Congrats on the approval!  Smiley Very Happy


Hang in there with them on the site issues... if I recall correctly, they did some changes/updates to the site just a couple of weeks ago so they might still be working out the kinks.


I've had the card for just over a year, and it's solid.  Rewards can be a little quirky, but it's nothing to be concerned about once you know how things work (they post the regular 1x points when the charge posts, then any 'bonus' points post a few days after that).


The couple of times I've called in about something (once to get my online login set up, and once to activate Samsung Pay) they were always very nice but as @Gmood1 mentioned they aren't quite as polished as some of the bigger banks.  That said, they took care of my issue and I had no complaints.


I will suggest to avoid their secured message system, though.  I used it to request a due date change, and it took them over a week to get back to me, then another several days to reply to my response (both messages I got from them apologized for the delay, so they were aware of it and are perhaps working on it).  Had I simply called them I suspect it would have been dealt with much more efficiently.


Finally, as others have mentioned the real-time rewards (RTR) actually works quite well... I used it to 'zero-out' my rewards balance (I purchased an Amazon GC for the exact amount of my rewards balance) and it worked exactly as advertised.  I'm giving my WF Propel a little attention for a while but I'm sure I'll switch back to the ClearPoints in a few months.


Oh, they also give auto-CLIs at times; here's the thread for mine:


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Thanks for the info UncleB!

I think I can deal with the quirks - I mean SSFCU is a nightmare to deal with their credit cards, I still don’t remember how to redeem the rewards — and you have to rack up $1700 in purchases so you can redeem $25 anyway so it’s a permanent SD card for me.

I’ll give them a chance. I do wish the SL was higher, maybe I’ll call the number in the email on Monday and see if they’ll recon me to 4-5K which would actually allow me to make use of the $1500 without worrying about high single card utilization along the way - well unless I can make more than 1 manual payment on their site or app a month, it’s a moot point if that’s the case.

They do seem like a decent bank to get into as long as you stay on top of payments and rewards.

Auto CLI would be nice — I was reading CLIs are TU HP and TU is my worst profile for some reason.

BBVA ClearPoints, Discover IT, and NFCU cashRewards actually seem like a good card combo to have as far as rewards go without massive overlap now that I think about it.

I’m coming around to the idea but I hope these software problems are resolved quickly lol

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

I understand your concerns.


If it helps any, the thing that actually annoys me will probably work in your favor.  For some reason, both of my bank's bill pay systems (USAA and Wells Fargo) can only send paper checks to BBVA/Compass... no ACH.  Because of this, I have always just allowed BBVA/Compass to 'pull' the payments directly from my checking account.


I generally avoid paying this way, but for Discover, Amex, and this account I do allow them to 'pull'.  Anyway, so far there's never been a delay with funds being available... it's not quite instant (like Amex), but if I recall correctly the account is updated and funds are available for new charges the next day, which is pretty good. 


Also, once you get the card be sure to install their app on your mobile phone... the app has the same functionality as the website, but is much easier to use (IMO).  Smiley Wink


If you decide to hit them up for a bump in the credit line good luck, and let us know how it goes!  Smiley Happy

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Oh okay, I’m all about pull payments, it’s the only way I pay so yeah that annoyance is a pro for me.

I already installed the app actually - I was hoping it would let me reset the password for the online account I tried to make. No dice, need account number lol Smiley Wink

I think it’s probably best I don’t push my luck at this point as far as rocking the boat on the credit line. I have a relatively thin profile and my closing three cards and adding four cards this year (including this one) is unusual behavior, especially what Amex did with the 2 months and “account closed by consumer” nonsense.

I’ll just leave it alone, shoot for my Navy CLI on the 10th, and go from there. I can definitely rack up the spend to hit the $1500 if I just use the last $620 of my Discover 5% Amazon plus 5% first year match to get a gift card credit on the site after using the BBVA for a PS4 Pro and all of my spend for the other ~$1100 (of which Comcast alone is $600).

Once I get my Navy CLI, whether it’s for my 91/3 on the 10th or it’s March or June, I’m going in the garden. It’s that time!

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

CongratsSmiley Happy im still waiting for some bank to get the NBA card accountSmiley Wink
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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Congrats on the approval OP.  Keep doing your thing and hopefully it will grow for you.


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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Congrats on your approval !!!



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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

Thanks for the informative post on a relatively unkown CC, S.

And Congrats! on your approval. Please let us know how the recon goes.

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Re: BBVA Compass ClearPoints approval

@James_A wrote:

Thanks for the informative post on a relatively unkown CC, S.

And Congrats! on your approval. Please let us know how the recon goes.

Thank you Smiley Happy


I figured adding my data points would help with some updated info on this card. It really does seem like those offers are solid preapprovals from what I have been reading. 


I am still undecided if I am going to call them or not. I guess it depends on how I feel tomorrow. I have never tried to recon anything before but they do leave the number to the department along with your application number in the welcome email which is a nice touch and seems to suggest they are open to calls (they have an email address in there as well for applications). 

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