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BBVA Compass Instant Approval (Kinda)!

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BBVA Compass Instant Approval (Kinda)!

Hi all! I received a pre-qualified mailer for the BBVA Compass ClearPoints Visa. I was hesitant at first due to the APR range of 12.24 to a crazy 30.24%! The 0% Intro APR for 13 months on purchases and BT, along with $100 bonus was inticing enough to apply. I applied online yesterday, and waited for a decison after submitting application. It took forever, then sent me to an "oops" screen. I called customer service and was told I was approved, but no info on CL or APR. So, I waited a few hours and called again. This time they couldn't find my app. After calling a few more times with varying answers from reps, I decided to give up and wait until today. I called back today, and was told my app was rejected due to not being able to verify my identity via phone. WHAT?! I had my phone next to me all day. The rep offered to submit another app over the phone, but I declined. I thought I'd give online one more try. This time I used Chrome vs Safari browser. Low and behold, instant approval! Not sure if Safari browser was the issue yesterday. The SL is my lowest at $6,000. My next lowest is BofA at $10,000. Highest is Cap1 at $50,000. Apr was ok at 18.24%, considering it is a "rewards" card. I called my local BBVA branch and spoke with a nice lady who is getting in touch with underwriters to hopefully raise my CL. I also opened up a totally free checking account with no direct deposit required. I may just end up loving this bank! 

|EQ 698|TU 674|EX 665| BK discharged 11/2012

[Amex PRG No PSL] [Cap 1 QS Visa Sig $50,000] [Barclaycard CashForward WMC $25,000] [Patelco CU MC $20,000] [BofA Cash Rewards Visa Sig $15,000] [Amex BCE $13,000] [Discover It Cashback $13,500] [US Bank Cash + Visa Sig $10,000][US Bank Platinum Visa $8,400] [Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa Sig $10,000] [USAA Cashback Rewards Plus Amex $15,000] [Citi AAdvantage WMC $5,000] [Macy's Amex $7,500] [JCP $6,500] [Amazon Prime $6,000] [Target $2,000]
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Re: BBVA Compass Instant Approval (Kinda)!

Wow. They still are plenty full of adventure aren't they?


Good thing for you that you kept after it because some would have just threw in the towel from all that mess.



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Re: BBVA Compass Instant Approval (Kinda)!

Yes BBVA is famous for unable to verify message.  Most likely why they lost the NBA card and took offline for applications and eventually it was taken from them being NBA didn't renew I believe.


Congrats on your approval though and enjoy!

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