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BECU CLI with Data points

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BECU CLI with Data points

BECU Visa Card CLI


Approved for Visa 15k and LOC 15k March 22, 2017

Called in yesterday and asked what requirements are for CLI on the Visa (LOC is at max CL)

Was told that ther is no "rule" with them re timing of eligiblilty but asked waht amount i wanted to request and what what my score was... Score 766Fico8. I said full 40k but don't want to be declined without a counter. She said rthey usually counter if profile supports it and my score was right on the line for the full 40k becaue their internal UW requires high 700's for max CL. I said let's go 35k. Instant approval. (I should have requested the full 40 lol. I sent a message this morning asking if they can consider the full 40k using the same pull.

At time of APP BECU Visa had a 1500 Bal, LOC had 1500 Bal

Overall Util around 7% (of 150k)

Highest CL prior to this 26.3k

8 new accounts under 12 mo's, 7 of thos around 6 mo's

7 inquiries last 12 mo's

No Neg's on report


Hope this helps someone


Update: they sent msg back and increased the cl to the full 40k


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Re: BECU CLI with Data points

Very helpful indeed thanks and very well done J

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Re: BECU CLI with Data points

Which bureau do they use
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Re: BECU CLI with Data points

Thanks for sharing those data points on this CU. Good info


Congrats! on your new CLI approval!

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Re: BECU CLI with Data points


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Re: BECU CLI with Data points

Thank you!

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Re: BECU CLI with Data points

Nice job !

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