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BECU Visa $20k

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

I don't know why I'm so tempted to apply for a 2nd BECU card after this. I'll control myself, but the temptation is strong, lol.

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congrats on your BECU Visa approval!

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

@SouthJamaica  congrats on your new card! 


I just wanted to say sometimes upon activation of the card, they will request proof of identity along with POI (not always, but it would be typical request). 

They would provide you with a fax number to which you'd send it, and it usually works out just fine, but some patience may be required.

If that happens, and you're willing to provide it, it's a smooth sailing from there. It's a great CU, they aren't afraid to lend, it's just that if there is a deluge from out of state apps, they freak out a bit. 


If none of that happens, you're able to activate and use your card, keep in mind HP is valid for 30 days, so if there is another product you're interested in, it would not result in HP. 


Congrats again 

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congrats! I've enjoyed their generosity, myself. Glad you could get a sweet CL from them, too!

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

@JL276 wrote:

Congrats. Love the card so far, only had it around 4 months. Also like they have 1 day ACH 

I was surprised to see that! Which makes the external transfer process to pay the card a bit easier. 

One other "oddity" I've noticed is that you can't do an external transfer from the app (unless I'm looking incorrectly). You have to log on to the website proper but the mobile site will let you complete the external transfer, so that's a bit easier. 

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congrats @SouthJamaica on the fine BECU membership & new CU card approval!!

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congratulations on your BECU approval!!

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Re: BECU Visa $20k



Congrats on a fantastic BECU approval and SL 🥳👍🏼

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Re: BECU Visa $20k

Congrats on approval! Jeez these forums will really temp you to do things you've decided you aren't going to do like apply for more cards, esp when you've put the work in and CSs are no longer a handicap 🤣🤣🤣. I keep reading about BECU and I'm now reviewing their site 😎...yeh no I can't do it hahaha...maybe lol. 

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