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BECU Visa $40,000 Approval


Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

@Traveler101 wrote:
Awsome approval 🥇. All the mods I guess, are showing us how its done as of lately, with a rash of mod approvals. Congrats to you. Now, you can go out and get some ear muffs to silence all the horns you hear up in boston, lol. They drive like nuts, lol.

@Traveler101 when I moved here, I was required to take an offensive driving course.  People looked at me weird when I used turn signals or made turns from the actual turn lanes.  Smiley Indifferent


Should I see a doctor about the rash?

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

I have driven a semi there when over the road, NEVER again. Then in Jan, my dad was there for surgery. I stood outside mass gen, the horns blowing, people yelling at each other. Waaaaay to much stress up there.
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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Big congrats, KSmiley Happy Dat be's an EPIC SCL! But isn't the payment due date looonng gone? Lol then again, I guess they DID update their app process some from what it used to be...
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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Dang K you knocked these guys right out of the park!! Big congrats on the massive approval! 😎 I want to reel in these guys eventually but my chexsystems is crying "uncle" 😂. Maybe get them next year I suppose. Again huge congrats on the approval and eclipsing the 1 miliilon mark. 


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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Very nice - congrats!

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congrats, Very nice esp the part about no BT fee! 

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

@K-in-Boston your approval is so far over the wall it leaves the reader "speechless". With the various reported results for BECU this blows away the wall! Congrats and enjoy the new riches Smiley Happy Don't spend it all in one place?
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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congratulations on getting an awesome trade line  and even better SL!

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

$40k that’s amazing
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