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BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Hey K,
Did this card show as "Conditionally Approved" when you first got it? I just got my BECU Low APR card and wanted to make sure if that's normal.

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Yes.  In the first screenshot I posted, it shows conditionally approved on the check loan status page.  2 days later it showed on the Account Summary and Account Activity pages.  4 days after approval I got the "your card has been shipped" email.

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Major congrats on the approval @K-in-Boston..😁😁😁  Knocked it out of the park with such a huge SL!!!  I'm blaming you for tempting me and succumbing to weakness earlier today...I'd say some of the gardening (emphasis on least for me) helped, plus timing things just right with Chex.


Again, amazing outcome on landing a big one with BECU 👍

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Late to the party but still want to say congrats on the approval, K!

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congratulations on your approval!!!

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