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BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

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awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

Your CLIs are the BIGGEST percentages that I can recall during my time with the FORUMS!!!



Dude I have been underestimating my potential for years, now I know what I can get and I’m getting it! 🤪

And it all started with a $30K Savor approval 😂 

Well to be honest it ALL started with me getting a pop up preapproval offer from Bank of America for the cash rewards card back in October, when they gave me $14,000 I thought that was insane 🤣 and then the binge started... what should I do with my runt of the litter? My new $500 maurices capital one store card? When should I ask for an increase on that?

Cap is much stricter than other issuers... I don’t know how they are with store cards but I wouldn’t ask before 6 months. 


Unless you really use the card (I’ve never heard of the store so I don’t know what utility the card offers), I would probably SD it. 

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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

Comgrats Op thats pretty impressive.

@Anonymous, id say a very healthy income helped more than Cap OneSmiley Wink
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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

Those are HUGE increases! Congrats congrats congrats!!!

Discover It: 21.5k
Amex Cash Magnet: 18k
Fidelity Visa: 13k
Apple Card: 4.25k
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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!


FICO 8 (Feb 2018):EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545
FICO 8 (Sept 2022):EX- 706, TU- 685, EQ- 684
What's in my wallet:

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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

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Congrats on the monster CLI !


I have the basic VISA and have been contemplating asking for a CLI.  Did you have to state the limit you wanted, or just asked for the CLI and they came back with the amounts?

She said her new system doesn’t take asks, the system automatically calculates the highest possible limit for you and gives you that, they don’t try to low ball people anymore and deal with counter offers 🤩 their highest available for any credit card is $40,000 I believe. They ask all the normal income, housing etc. and pull from TransUnion only. I think it’s definitely worth it! Call them now, it’ll take about 15 minutes. I’ve been on a spree with everything the past few months and have accomplished a lot so I don’t mind having one more inquiry drop off with all the rest in two years. I’ll be getting a new Lexus then 🥳

Thanks for the info.


I called them today, and once I got to the proper phone desk, they did the verification then HP and came back with a nice increase. $15,000 (original limit which was something of a guessing request when I opened the card in 2015) now increased to $40,000. They also have a promo BT going on now, so will be moving some items over here to pay them down over the next 12 months.

This makes it easier to close a number of other accounts as I do some cutting of card count, including my last BofA account, $43k of limit going away when I close it by the end of the month.

High Bal Jan 2009 $116k on $146k limits 80% Util.
Oct 2014 $46k on $127k 36% util EQ 722 TU 727 EX 727
April 2018 $18k on $344k 5% util EQ 806 TU 810 EX 812
Jan 2019 $7.6k on $360k EQ 832 TU 839 EX 831
March 2021 $33k on $312k EQ 796 TU 798 EX 801
May 2021 Paid all Installments and Mortgages, one new Mortgage EQ 761 TY 774 EX 777
April 2022 EQ=811 TU=807 EX=805 - TU VS 3.0 765
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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

Nice! Yes I’m happy I did it too!
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Re: BECU mega CLI’s, biggest util slashed!

Nicely done

>3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>5/2023 All 3 reports 840ish (F8) F9s = 850 but my app finger is still twitching
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