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BOA Auto Luv!

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BOA Auto Luv!

Logged in today to make a payment to my BOA Better Balance Rewards card, and first noticed directly to the right a option that said Your Special Offers! I thought this was strange, as its usually in a different spot, found that it had a specific APR for BankAmericaCard 0% for 15 months, which is cool since im getting that card soon for a balance transfer.


Secondly, I noticed a new balance transfer for 0% through Nov 2018 on my Better Balance Rewards Card, which is cool but I want to pay down my balance more before putting a balance transfer of 6000 on it (i've only gotten this BT offer once before in 2.5 years with BOA outside of when I opened the account).


Third, I noticed my available credit number looked weird and found THAT THEY AUTO INCREASED MY CL FROM 10K TO 14K!! Interesting that now the Request Credit Limit Increase is not there, seems like if I took a HP the max would have been 14K. Awesome!! Now I dont have to do HP for CLI I was going to do in March on this card Smiley Happy


Tons of love from BOA!! Now this extends my largest credit line!!

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Re: BOA Auto Luv!

Auto-luv is great. Congrats.

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Re: BOA Auto Luv!

September 2021: Experian 717 Equifax 705 Transunion 725

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Wishlist Cards:
Citi Double Cash || Paypal Mastercard || Cap One Savor || Citi Custom Cash

Gardening from 03/18/2021 to 04/18/2023 (ideally)
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Re: BOA Auto Luv!

That's great!  Congrats!

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Re: BOA Auto Luv!

Auto CLI are the best type, congratulations on your CLI!

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