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BOA/Barclays reallocation.

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BOA/Barclays reallocation.

Had to test my credit limits:

1) BOA  $76k limit.  Apped for the new PR, approved for $18k (from Merrill+ card, reduced to 32K from 50K).  Closed zero balance Plat Plus, cl back to Merrill+, resulting in $50k.  End result: PR $18k, CR $8k, Merrill+ $50k.  Got the "you're maxed out cl vs stated income" letter.  Ah well.

2) Barclays  $20.5k limit.  Apped for Red Aviator (nice bonus - 60k miles), went pending.  Got a csr call, asking to shift limits from Ring and NFL to fund RA.  End result:

Ring $10k (down from 12.5k), NFL $4k (down from 8k), Red Aviator $6.5k.  Haven't churned a card yet, but it may be coming!  I wanted the miles to compliment my Citi AA card, so, a no-brainer there.

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Re: BOA/Barclays reallocation.

In case it hasn't occured to anyone yet.


Barclays almost always goes straight to pending even if you have a 850 FICO Smiley LOL


Good job on those approvals. Congrats!

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Re: BOA/Barclays reallocation.

Weird both my Barclays were instant approvals.
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