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BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

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BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

So i've been a good streak of credit card approvals and CLIs lately. I decied to check out my CLI options with my BOA card which is my oldest card (almost 16 years old) I actually got the card when it was MBNA card and then a year later it was bought out by BOA who I aleady had a checking account with and intersting enough 1 year later they buy Fleet back who I had a credit card with as well and was able to merge the cards to the BOA I have now.


Read in the forms that CLIs are no SP in BOA and decied to  take the chance. Asked for 50K as it was what most people in the forums requested and I was instantly approved for $23,900! A $9K increase!! and no HP notice so far.


Really excited to just boost my TCL here. The card is so old it can' be PC'd to a better rewards system but does have a locked APR of 9.99%, Cash Advance 19.99% and this new Direct Deposit  Cash feature for 16.99%. I figure its a great anchor card and would work well in those short term payment options when I need time to pay off but getting a peronal loan wouldn't be worth it.


I think once July hits i'll go back in the garden for another year ago but this has been a great journey from 6 years ago when I started to get my credit straight. The last two years being the best. Maybe i'll write a post about it someday.


Re: BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

Congratulations on the nice CLI

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Re: BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

Grats on a nice CLI and awesome APR


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Re: BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

Congrats on nice CLI

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Re: BOA Credit Card SLI from $14.9k - $23.9K!!

Nice CLI, congrats!
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