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BOFA CLI & APR Reduction

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BOFA CLI & APR Reduction

I’ll start with some history. I had a BK discharged 11/2012. Applied for unsecured card 3/2015 and was declined. Decided to apply 5/2015 for a secured card and was approved with $3,000 deposit. It was unsecured via request before 6 months and converted to Cashback 123 with a CLI to $6,000. About 1 year after opening 5/2016, I was granted another CLI to $10,000 via phone. I have been trying for a CLI ever since and declined due to BK. I spoke to a credit analyst each time I was declined with no success. I explained that it made no sense that I was initially approved, and already given two increases with the BK. About 6 months ago I opened a checking account with direct deposit. I think this was a determining factor with my latest CLI to $15,000 via luv button! I asked for $5,000, then wished I had asked for more. I called senior credit analyst the following morning asking for more. He submitted the request, but it wasn’t approved due to too many recent CLI requests. I then asked to be transferred to the rate reduction team to try and get a lower APR. That dept told me that I had no offers. I asked about a balance transfer and was then transferred to retentions. They told me no BT offers, then I asked again about reducing my APR. Guess what? There was an offer to lower from 19.99 to 16.99! I love BOFA again. I almost gave up on then. Being persistent paid off in the long run. Hope my little history novel helps others achieve their successes.
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Re: BOFA CLI & APR Reduction

Congrats on the increase and reduction! Yes, being persistent does have its benefits. Good for you!

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Re: BOFA CLI & APR Reduction

Shoutout to you being persistent! Thank you for your story and congratulations on your CLI!

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