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Back in with Chase after CO (2008 or so?)

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Back in with Chase after CO (2008 or so?)

Had a Citibank Best Buy card back in the 00s that I was never late on and it shows on my CRs as never late (will fall off probably this year as the 10 year comes up).  Citibank sold the account to Chase for whatever reason and I was immediately late and then 120D charge off as Chase had it around 2008 or so.  Burned Chase and never could get anything from them, ever.  That was a big CO, too, probably $8000?


I use Chase Credit Journey because it shows pre-qualified offers and I always have 0 of them.  The FAKO is really fake -- 690 TU FAKO versus 580-590 TU FICO08.


In April I opened my 2nd and 3rd credit card (Secured Discover, Secured Capital One) and when those reported my TU FICO08 went up to 625 where it is today.  When I logged into Chase Credit Journey it showed me 2 prequalifications (Freedom and Freedom Unlimited) and I wanted back in with Chase, so I logged out and went to and logged in and checked for preapproved offers there and there was checkbox next to Freedom Unlimited which I had never seen before.  I check those daily since I bank with Chase and have since the mid-90s.


Clicked the green box and was immediately approved for $500.  That's a junk SL for me but I'll take it -- TU shows 625 on MyFico as of 5/24 and it might actually be a few points higher.  In June my Alliant SSL will post so I am hoping for an even higher score but who knows.


Good to see that Chase will approve someone with a low 600s score for the FU.  I know their auto CLIs are far and few between and I'm not going to risk another HP for a CLI this year, but I will crush out $1000 a month of spend on that card (natural spend, groceries, etc) -- my Discover Secured is giving me 1%+1% (2% total) for spending for another 10 months so Discover will get most of the use but I'll show Chase some usage, the $10 I lose each month isn't going to kill me.


Also, Credit Karma and Credit Wise both INSTANTLY reported the inquiry via email alert.  MyFICO and CCT haven't reported anything as usual.  Free services = instant; expensive services = late or something never.

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Re: Back in with Chase after CO (2008 or so?)

Just noticed the intro offer was $150 cash for $500 in spend in 3 months.  So even cutting the 0.5% off my Discover first year bonus, if I put $3000 through in 3 months I'll get $150 bonus cash and $45 in rewards versus Disco's $60 in rewards for the same timeframe.  $15 loss but $150 gain.


Didn't expect to get an intro offer with the pre-qualification page, but I guess one gets it even with a low FICO08 and a low SL.

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