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Bank Of America Cash Rewards CLI -- Bank Is Crazy

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Re: Bank Of America Cash Rewards CLI -- Bank Is Crazy

Yeah i get like a BT offer every 2 to 3 weeks lolSmiley Wink. Great job OPSmiley Happy BOA certainly.........______________

(i let cm7 fill in the blank hahaSmiley Happy )

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Re: Bank Of America Cash Rewards CLI -- Bank Is Crazy

Federalist wrote:

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K-in-Boston wrote:

luxeprw9 wrote:

Congrats!  That is awesome!


I want to hit the button soooo bad BUT with my BK13 still reporting and my credit scores still in the mid 600's, I don't think it's worth wasting a HP.  I'm certain they will deny me.  I've been at my initial $500 limit since 2014.  I'm so sad.......but I'm patient.  My day is coming!!

Unless something has changed dramatically, OP's TU was also in the mid 600s for this CLI.  You may be surprised at how generous they are.


Congrats, OP!  You may have left some money on the table, but if you are OK with another HP in 91 days, wait for the Request A Credit Line Increase button to pop back up on that card and ask for $25k - you may be shocked.  My wife and I have received something like $44k (too lazy to do the math right now) in CLIs from BOA since New Years.  Enjoy your new 5-digit major, it's quite a milestone!

I think my BK13 is hurting me with BOA, not the scores so much.  It drops off late next year.  I'm going to wait.  I'm in no need of an increase, just tired of seeing $500!!  

Probably a good idea for the best result, but you're ruining my track record of peer pressuring people (including myself) into successful massive BOA CLIs this week.  C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it.  Don't be a square. Smiley LOL

LOL!  Trust me, it's so very tempting BUT I'm aiming for large increases so I must wait!  

Not to pile on the peer pressure, but unless you've had any lates with them since 2014, you should be a shoe-in for a big increase now and another big increase when your BK falls off. There are people here with fresher BKs getting 3x-5x after a few months, let alone 2-3 years with an old BK. It's your card and credit, but based upon multiple posts here I'd be shocked if you couldn't ask for $2500 and get instantly approved today. Keep in mind they don't even put the button up if they don't think you have a good chance. It's only there because their periodic credit screens indicate you're likely to get the bump.

I was denied a CLI September 2016, one month post discharge.  The analyst I spoke with said I have a pristine record with them but the BK was the issue.  So I vowed to not waste a HP with them until the BK falls off.


I'm not sure how the CLI button works, but it NEVER goes away for me.  It's been there since 2014!  So I don't think my chances are that great.  I'm okay with a denial, it's the HP that concerns me.  I have 5 on EX, 4 on EQ and 3 on TU.  Even though I have an excellent banking relationship with BOA and a significant amount of investments with Merrill Lynch, I just don't think it's in the cards for me right now.  Maybe they will auto increase at some point since I was able to successfully PC from the secured card (unsecured in 2015) to a Cash Rewards card about 2 months ago.  Thanks for the encouragement though!  I appreciate it!

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Re: Bank Of America Cash Rewards CLI -- Bank Is Crazy

Congratulations! Doing my happy dance for you!

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Re: Bank Of America Cash Rewards CLI -- Bank Is Crazy

Always ask for at least 20000 with boa,they will counter approve.
My card is less than a year old and have gone from a 4500 approval to 20800. Took 3 hps to get there but well worth it to get a high limit bt card to work with.
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