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Bank of America CLI

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Bank of America CLI

I moved here from Canada in 2013 and got married close to a year later. That is when I got put on the bank accounts. They asked me if I wanted to apply. I am like sure not thinking much of it, but was approved for SL $1K. This is my longest runnning credit card and the only one I had for close to two years. I would apply for CLI increase every 6 months. I stopped doing that 2 years ago. In that time it went up some with them upping me. 

SL $1K 

ME CLI $3k 

ME CLI $3800

BOA CLI $6800

BOA CLI $8800

6 Months ago I did an increase since I put a larger balance transfer on there and wanted a little more cushion so I asked for it to go to $12K and was approved. 

Today I did another increase and I am now at $20K with Bank of America. They are my oldest credit card and I will not be canceling this card. I got the card in 2014 and I use it the most of all. 




Back to the Garden I go. 

Working on paying off debts, and getting a house by 2022. In the garden until then.
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Re: Bank of America CLI




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Re: Bank of America CLI

Grats on the CLI Smiley Happy
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Re: Bank of America CLI

Congrats on your CLI

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Re: Bank of America CLI


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Re: Bank of America CLI

Congratulations on the CLI approval and very nice limit!!!   Smiley Happy
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Re: Bank of America CLI

Congrats. Meanwhile here I am with my oldest credit card increased from 1,000 to 1,250 in a year and a half Smiley LOL

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