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Bank of America Love!!!!!

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Re: Bank of America Love!!!!!

@laramsareback wrote:

@juniebrunner wrote:

When the link appeared, and you requested was it a hard or soft pull?  I have only had the card a few months, but still no link.

It is always a hard pull with BofA, but definitely well worth it----I hear you should look out for it after 90 days.

Thanks!  I am in the middle of mortgage getting with a new build (prob late May or early June), so no HPs for me until thats all said and done!

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Re: Bank of America Love!!!!!

Happy Congratulations!


They have been one of the best decisions made when getting this thing rolling some years ago.

Rebuild Begin 7/22-FICO alternating avg's 650 + - So in the drink for awhile UGH
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