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Barclay $1.7k CLI

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Re: Barclay $1.7k CLI

@HighAchiever wrote:

Congratulations on the CLI!!!   Smiley Happy   Is there an AF on the silver upgrade?

Yes. The Aviator Red AF is $99 (just increased this summer from $95). The Aviator Silver has an AF of $195.

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Re: Barclay $1.7k CLI

@M_Smart007 wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:" Want their Hilton $95 AF card as I always stay in a Hilton branded establishment for work and personal travel."


Have you checked Amex pre-qual for this?, sounds like you could be racking up some points and a few FREE nights!

should be a soft pull, as you are a Amex Family Member Already. YMMV


Yes actually. Just apped for the Hilton card but denied based on my June AR which still had some balances reporting as well as other issues. Need to wait till August AR to have balances all at 0 and my EDC down to 20% util.  


Hoping DW or I can pick the Hilton card up. 


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