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Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Approved

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Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Approved

I had ZERO interest in opening another card...I had asked Barclaycard reps six ways from Sunday about PC'ing my Arrival+ to the AAdvantage Aviator Red Card and was repeatedly told "No, not possible" ...really irks me to be honest.  I was considering app'ing for the Citi version but just got approved for the Costco Visa on Tuesday and have to wait 8 days between Citi Apps according to the forum(s). Citi already reported the new account to EX & EQ but good ol' TU slow as heck to update, so I said what the heck since I'm going to trim some fat and combine some credit limits to reduce the number of open accounts I have.  Will be calling Re-Con to try and push SL up to $10K so when I combine my Arrival+ limit I'll have a nice $30k limit :-)


Here's my TU Stats at time of approval:


Fico 8: 705

Util: ~15%


24m - 10

12m - 5

6m - 4

AAoA: 1.9 yrs




Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.50.35 AM.png

Jan 2016 FICO 8s EX 505 - EQ 526 - TU 495 *** May 2017 FICO 8s EX 696 - EQ 695 - TU 705 *** INQs - EX 10 - EQ 20 - TU 12 *** TCL $282,650
Barclay AA - $28k | Cap1 QS $26k | PenFed Plat $25k | NFCU Sig VS $24k | Chase CSP $20k | Chase Ritz $20k | Amex SPG $20k | BofA BBR $15k | NFCU LOC $15k | BofA CR $13.5k | Sync Lowe’s $12k | Citi AA $10.5k | Amex Delta Plat $10.4k | Marvel MC $8k | Citi Costco VS $7k | Sync Amazon $6.1k | Amex ED $2k | Amex BCP $1k | Amex PRG NSP / $25k Pay Over Time
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Re: Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Approved

Way to go CashSmiley Wink 6 months onlySmiley Wink Could you imagine the havoc you could wreck on the credit world if you went 2 years? Lol, i know i know i spoke which shant be spoked hahaSmiley Happy

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Goal: No hps or cli requests at least til 1/1/19, 7/13/20 preferable
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Re: Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Approved

Congrats and see you in the garden!!Smiley Wink

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Starting Equifax Score: 520 (5/2014) - Current Score: 726
Starting Transunion Score: 613 (5/2014) - Current Score: 733
Starting Experian: 595 - Current Score: 742
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Re: Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Approved

Congrats again cashcorp on yet another really great approval!
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