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Re: Barclay APPROVED


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Re: Barclay APPROVED

did you wait till you recieved the letter of denial and can you pm me the number?or is it on the letter

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Re: Barclay APPROVED

CoolKid01 wrote:

Thank to this forum I'm successfully making progess in my credit repair journey.  Last night after procrastinating for weeks I decided to apply for a Barclay credit card.  I was supprised they denied my approval.  I was a bit shocked because I've been working like a dog repairing and removing old and obsolete information on my report for the past 2 years!  Anyways,  long story short.  I read here we could call the reconsideration phone number and have someone manually review your report.  I called,  and after a 5 minute phone call and a few questions I was APPROVED for $750. It may not be much but its a start and I'll take it! 


Thanks everyone!

Congrats!!  Barclay's is tough from what I hear... I have one with a good CL but not as high as my 2 new Chase cards.

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Re: Barclay APPROVED

Congratulations on your approval for your Barclay CC & recon! Continue Success in The World of Credit Cards!

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Re: Barclay APPROVED


Last app: 2/21/2016
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Re: Barclay APPROVED

May I ask what your scores were when you were approved?

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Re: Barclay APPROVED

Congrats! Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay APPROVED

Congrats on your Barclays cc approval!

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