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Barclay CLI without asking

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Barclay CLI without asking

I am an AU on my husband's Barclay CC.  We opened it 8 months ago with a $1500 limit.  Husband's FICO scores at the time were around 640 across the board. 


A few days ago, someone broke into our car.  My husband thought he had left his wallet in the car, so we immediately called Barclay and canceled the card with a representative (we later found his wallet inside the house, fortunately). 


This morning, the new card arrived in the mail, along with a letter that stated they have reviewed our account, and increased our credit limit from $1500 to $3200!  Cool, we'll take it.  I didn't see any inquiries show up, and I monitor both our reports practically daily. 


We did not ask for the increase b/c we didn't want to risk a hard pull but I'm happy with the result! 


Stats: Husband FICO 8 scores: 649 EQ, 700 TU, 686 EX.

Card: 8 billing cycles completed

Usage: We PIF about 50% of the time.  One month we left it nearly maxed out around $1200,  had a few months with around $400 balance reporting, and a few months of $0 balance, all mixed up.

Rewards: We've earned $180 in rewards money so far, and paid $47 in interest total over the life of the card.  $0 annual fee, so we're still up money Smiley Happy

We use the card daily for basically everything. 

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Re: Barclay CLI without asking

Sorry about the car, but how awesome for that nice CLI!

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Re: Barclay CLI without asking thats the secret with Barclays.


note to self: call barclays and report card missing.

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Re: Barclay CLI without asking

Congrats on your CLI!

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