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Barclay Card Rewards Auto CLI

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Barclay Card Rewards Auto CLI

I've had my Barclays Rewards MC for 6 statements now. I've put it through slow use, keeping my utilization under 30% and making 2x-3x the minimum payments before the statements cut. Out of sheer coincidence I happen to login to my account this morning to research a transaction date and noticed my credit limit had been auto increased! From months 1-5, I had a SL of $750. Apparently, after my 6th statement cut my total spending limit went to $2,050! Now it's sitting with 12% UTI and I couldn't be more pleased with Barclays. I didn't even have to ask them for it either!


Some more date points: I app'd for the Barclays Apple card 5 months ago and was denied online (and at verbal recon). They told me that my inquiries were too high. My score at time of denial for Apple was around 635. My FICO-8 score as of now is 645 (Exp), so not much of an increase in score but I have been gardening for the last 5 months. I think that has been beneficial to me for this auto CLI. Thank you Barclay!


Hope this helps some folks. =)



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Re: Barclay Card Rewards Auto CLI

This is fabulous news, and congratulations to you! 


Keep using the card as heavily as you can during the next 4-6 months, and make very large payments, and Barclay will most likely be even more generous at the 12 month mark.


I received a 3k auto CLI at the 12 month mark after heavy spend and large payments during months 10, 11 and 12 of having the card. I used the card daily during those 3 months and sometimes several times per day.


Your results may vary, but Barclay really loves heavy spend and large payments, and of course keeping a reasonable level of utilization, as you have noticed. 


You are doing very well on your utilization with this card - keep up the good work! Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay Card Rewards Auto CLI

Awesome increase! I just hit my 6th statement three days ago and no love on the CLI front! Always kept a low UTI mostly under 20 percent if it wasn't paid in full. I did have a 3500 SL. But I did call and get an APR reduction from 24.54 to 23.23
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Re: Barclay Card Rewards Auto CLI

i got that 3x within one year and now im at 6870$ started at 2500$ Barclays auto CLI Is great!!!!!!

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