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Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

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Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

Finally decided to do it.  If they ever CLD us then will just close the card as there are many other options (as you all well know). But due to the fact the card has no ftfs, $3 cash advance fee (only used this once or twice), and gets used for debt shuffles time to time, it was kind of a just do it, and if it doesnt work out, move on or close it kind of thing.  I didn't like that even for brief periods over half of the credit limit was being used and was causing a minor score drop, granted it always went back up.


Card is about a year and half old and started out at 10k.  Took about 2 hours and it was approved by email. No phone calls or anything.  Card is rarely swiped for purchases, usually just bts or bt checks.


20k is more than enough, even though it doesn't align with all their other limits being 30k+, we didn't want to deal with any partial approvals or having to explain xyz.  They are really weird to deal with over the phone.


And like I have said previously, I will still never understand their level of security.  I get they were heavily involved in the mortgage bailout overseas...but making a person have to send in copies of their DL, SSN, professional licensure, utility bills?  And having to memorize the wrong answers to their security questions is just WEIRD.


That being said, there have been a few preapprovals for FNBO rewards cards.  But as much as I am into low APRs, I think one of us would be willing to pay the $89 for a prime lock card as long as it had no BT fees!

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Re: Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

Wow, you did Great with the double CLI ... Barclays must like you. Congrats ,,,! 

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Re: Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

Congratulations! That is amazing! I have a 12k limit and would love to have it up to 20k. Good job!

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Re: Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

I don't miss the old Ring Card but sure would if they been a little more generous in return for my loyalty.


But that's all water under the bridge now.


Congratulations in getting that far with Barclay's because everyone knows how tripped out they are. Smiley Wink

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Re: Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

Congratulations jfriend!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay Ring $10k to $20k CLI approved for SO

Fantastic CLI! I didn't even know they could be that generous Smiley Wink

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