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Barclay auto CLI

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Re: Barclay auto CLI

@AzCreditGuy I don't blame you for feeling that way towards Barclays bcuz they can be Weird at times....I had a Amx Co brand credit card which was bought by Barclay from another bank and low and behold Barclay decreased my limit bcuz of a balance transfer. I paid balance and transferred limit to my other card and closed the Amx account. 

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Re: Barclay auto CLI

@blindambition wrote:

@AzCreditGuy wrote:

Congrats on the CLI. Unfortunately they are the worst CC I have, they started me at $5k SCL and than a month later dropped me down to $2350 after I did a $2k BT. I had also opened up other credit cards and a personal loan . Called to get that CL back after a year , they said HP. I laughed and hung up. It seems they are only conservative to certain people, they can shove it.

They are your worst for practicing risk management. You opened multiple cards, as well as a loan. Then basically a 50% BT on the card. Your lucky they didn't just close.

They were being responsible with those red flags. Its saying something when I say that, I hate Barclays.

Barclays was the 4th card I opened in my credit spree. Later I learned they are notorious for doing this. Had Id known I would have not wasted my time with them. It's funny that you say that they're being responsible, well guess what my seven other new card credit cards and Sofi loan didn't care. I mean being responsible in a pandemic and offering automatic credit lines well vs causing my Card Utilization going from 40% to 85%?? Yeah right, They were idiots and one of the worst companies ever


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Re: Barclay auto CLI

Congrats on the CLI

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Re: Barclay auto CLI

@Applepro1990 Thank you!

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Re: Barclay auto CLI

Congratulations on your auto-CLI!

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