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Barclay iTunes Visa CLI: Approval after 2nd recon

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Barclay iTunes Visa CLI: Approval after 2nd recon

Well Barclay gave me an auto CLI last week from 1400 to 2700.  I was thankful for that, but I wanted a bit more.  I hit the credit limit increase button today on my account, got the 10 day message.  Called the credit analyst to Recon, and denied.  They said that they wanted to see how I manage my new $2700 credit limit for a while first.  My balance is 0 at the moment with about 6% total utilization on my 5 cards.  EQ Fico is 670.  I waited about 20 minutes and called the same credit analyst number since I didnt want to waste that hard pull that I just took on the first recon.  After placing me on hold for a few minutes and explaining to the lady that I want to use the card for all of my every day purchases, she increased me from $2700 to $5500!  This is my first credit limit over 5k, so I am definitely happy.  That hard pull was worth it. 


Oh yeah, she did make me explain one collection that I had about 5 years ago that I paid in full.

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Re: Barclay iTunes Visa CLI: Approval after 2nd recon

wow! congratz! i'm hoping they cli me when my 5-6 months comes up Smiley Happy nice bump!

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