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Barclay's Surprise

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Re: Barclay's Surprise

@pipeguy wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
Wow! That's great! I got it today too, only a 5K SL. Nice job. What were your stats?

Heh, it's your fault! I saw your post and went, why not try again Smiley Wink


774 - 800 - 747, 20+ open accounts, zero negs, balance on only 1 account (low interest BT) about 4% utility - a lot of inquiries which are not usually an issue getting the cards or CL's I want. 

Well, pipeguy - High scores = approvals, nice cards, and terrific SL's!  Good for you!  Enjoy of all your successes! Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay's Surprise


Amex Gold =Amex ED 20k = Amex BCP 14k = Amex SPG Lux 2k = Arrival 2k = Ring 14k = BOA 321 30k = BOA BBR 10k = CSR 25k = Freedom 10k = Citi Simplicity 9k = Citi DC 5k = Citi DP 3k = DCVR IT 16k = DCVR IT(2) 10k = CAP1 QS 15k = NFCU CR24k/AE25k/CLOC 15k = BBVA 14k = Wells Plat. 5k = (2) US Bank Cash+ 13k, 18k = PenFed 17k

FICO scores TU 764 EX 739 EQ 745
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Re: Barclay's Surprise

Way to go, CONGRATS!!!

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15 Credit Cards (12 Major Banks & 3 Store Cards)
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Re: Barclay's Surprise

Congratulations on your new Ring card! That was my exact starting limit on the Ring as well. Smiley Happy

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