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Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!


EDIT: for some reason  i cannot get this message to be the reply, it gets merged into masscredit's post Smiley Happy


I know my initial credit limit(4k) was a bit lower than my main card (11k) at the time of applying, and called them when i received it in the mail and asked them to match my USAA Amex, and they counter offered with 10k.  Though its not a card from barclay, they will surely match closely to your key palyer cards you currently use



masscredit wrote:


I have a pile of "pre-selected" Rewards Card applications from Barclay's. I've been receiving one every week or two lately. Thinking about taking them up on their offer to see what I get.  I read something about them matching credit lines if a person has another one of their cards. Don't know if that is the case all of the time.



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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!


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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

Thanks for posting!
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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

Congrats!! I also got a CLI from them earlier this year. I was at 500 and they jumped me to 1500. I am hoping next time around they take me to 3k Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!




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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

OP, Congrats on CLI, and thanks for sharing!! It's great to hear they do auto CLIs because I am hoping for the same (just opened MC Rewards 3-4 months ago) in a couple of months....

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

Nice, congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

Congrats!!  Looking forward to that kind of success as well...Two months in with that card and that card is getting a work

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

masscredit wrote:

I mentioned in one of the other threads that I was expecting an auto-CLI from Barclay's anyday now. Well... that day was today! Just logged into my account for the forth or fift time today (not that I keep track of them or anything) and saw that my CL had jumped up by $3000. Went from $5500. to $8500.  I usually put $500. - $2000. on it most months and I've used the balance transfer checks once in awhile. I also make multiple payments each month. This month totalled close to $3k. I guess they do reward heavy usage. My increase history with them is -


Opened account - 8/20/12 - $1300. (reconned to $2000). - 5/2/13 - $3700. (auto-CLI) - 10/24/13 - $5500. (auto-CLI) - 4/24/14 - $8500.(auto-CLI)


The first increase was after 9 months, next one was after 5 months and then 6 months after that. 


If anyone has a long history with them, should this keep going or will the auto-increases stop at some point? 


Oh, and I was hoping to get to $7500. with this increase. Made my night! Smiley Happy 

Congrats on your CLI Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclay's usage results in a healthy auto-CLI!

I am not a long-time user, but for anyone else reading this, my limited experience has been similar.  They have been generous in my short history witih them.


Ch 7 BK Discharged in 11/12.  Started trying to rebuild credit immediately--secured loan, secured CC.  Barclay was my first unsecured CC offer that didn't come with nasty fees.  I opened about a year ago, with a CL of $1000, which was double my secured CC with my credit union.  6 months later, auto CLI to $3000.  I had a high balance just recently, due to using one of their BT checks to pay down a tax debt (that I still have a judgment for).  I paid my balance off in hopes it might boost my chances of a CLI or a bigger CLI. I don't know if it helped, but just this week I received a CLI to $6000.  For my situation, that's great!  My credit score is still hurting, due to that judgement from an unpaid tax lien.  My scores are actually lower now, by a little bit, than they were when I was pre-selected by Barclay.  My TU is probably in the low 640s and my EQ maybe low 650s.  They haven't been out of the 660s at all since BK.  I also have a low income, and I have been an undegraduate and now graduate student for the last several years, so this has been a wonderful little boost, considering my income, so-so credit score, fairly recent BK, and having low CL on my other CCs.


Like the OP, I tend to charge a lot to my Barclay card and almost always pay in full each month.  The only time I carried a balance was when I used the BT checks at 2/3 my CL.  So, either they just give good, automatic CLI or they do so for people who charge a lot each month, regardless of their carrying a balance or not. 

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